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Valerie Lis, MA and Simplified EFT Tapping™




33 4th St NW, Osseo, MN 55369

11812 Wayzata Blvd, Suite 224, Minnetonka, MN 55305



What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)?

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a powerful self-tool that is quickly becoming mainstreamed. EFT Tapping is evidence-based practice for phobias, trauma, and generalized anxiety. It is also effective on weight control, chronic pain, athletic performance, cravings, grief, and food and chemical sensitivities. Over 100 research studies, 4 meta-analyses, and millions of users have documented its effectiveness. 

What is Simplified EFT Tapping?

Simplified EFT Tapping™, created by Valerie Lis, includes a series of principles and formulas to produce faster, deeper tapping sessions. This process quickly shifts limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns and often yields life-changing, goose bump-producing results. Simplified EFT Tapping™ provides tools to work with bullying, cravings, addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, gambling, compulsive spending, anticipation, anger issues, obsessions, high/low moods, persistent sadness, negative self-talk, and unhealthy desires. Anyone can learn these simple tools and they can be blended with other styles of EFT. 

Who is Valerie Lis?

Valerie Lis, MA, a.k.a. “The Tapping Teacher,” is a Certified Expert EFT Practitioner and trainer. She has supported hundreds of students and thousands of clients to make positive shifts in their lives. These transformations naturally led to improved self-esteem, stronger relationships and finances, and better health including reduction of chronic pain and weight control.

Beginning her practice in 2001, she conducted founder Gary Craig content-approved Levels 1-3 for six years. From 2011-2018, she was a trainer and mentor for EFT Universe. She has contributed chapters to numerous books including The Clinical EFT Handbook and is the author of the upcoming Simplified EFT™: How to Get Exceptional Results Every Time You Tap. She is the founder of Simplified EFT Tapping™.

Valerie is also a faculty member teaching integrative health and First Year Experience at a Minnesota State College. 

Does Valerie offer one-on-one sessions?

Valerie offers a limited number of one-on-one sessions at her Minnetonka and Osseo offices and online through Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Facebook, and phone. Most of her clients have achieved the results they were looking for (or more) in 1-3 sessions. 


Does Valerie offer practitioner training and group workshops?

Trained through the National Speaker Association (NSA), Valerie is a vibrant, inspiring speaker on a variety of health topics. She is also a frequent radio and TV guest.

Valerie also offers training and mentoring in standard EFT practices, as well as Simplified EFT Tapping.

Customized training workshops are also offered for businesses who want to increase sales, reduce stress, and achieve health benefits in their Employee Assistance or Management Development Programs.

Check the website for a list of current workshops. 

Simplified EFT Tapping™: How to Get Exceptional Results Every Time You Tap

Many students of EFT have been eager for the release of this book, claiming Simplified EFT Tapping™ is “the first major improvement to EFT since its creation.” 

The book, online training, and certification in Simplified EFT Tapping™ will be available in 2018. Watch the website or sign up for emails to receive updates.


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