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Rev. Alan L Pritz, Interfaith Minister



Minneapolis, MN

  Rev. Alan is an ordained Interfaith Minister and disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. With over 40 years of experience teaching meditation plus providing spiritual guidance and coaching,  he helps individuals, couples, and organizations cultivate greater life balance, happiness, health, and spiritual growth. All Welcome. 

Meditation Training: Meditation is a word frequently used but little understood. Some seek solace from stress, depression, anxiety, or multiple life issues; others desire spiritual insight and personal growth. Whatever the reason, I seek to meet peoples’ needs in ways most suitable to their goals and integrate ancient techniques with modern science to ensure optimal outcomes.


Spiritual Life Coaching: Life is multi-faceted and everyone encounters periods that require skillful facilitation and a broad perspective to navigate issues like spirituality, divorce, job loss or gain, death, midlife challenges, marital communications, relationships, or, to confront health concerns such as chronic pain, insomnia, excessive worrying, and eating disorders. Awake In Life helps people address such matters in a high-minded fashion.


Also Offering:

·        Sunday Morning Meditation Gatherings

·        Global Healing and Social Harmony Meditations

·        Chanting & Meditation Events 
 Visit my website for upcoming event dates.

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