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Align with Mother Earth through drumming



INDIGENOUS CULTURES knew the power of the drum and its ability to heal and connect one to the other worlds. They believed the drum to be symbolic of the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

            Studies have shown that drumming at 260 beats per minute puts one in a very relaxed state. It is in this state that the shaman journeys to other worlds to access spiritual information to help those in the community.


            In our drumming circle, we use drumming to help the group connect with one another and to increase our personal power. Raising the energies through drumming, helps us to prepare for the healing work that we do in the circle. We also use drumming for joy and celebration in our togetherness.

            Drumming may also be used as a form of therapy for releasing and moving through strong emotions such as grief and pain. I have used drumming with delinquent teens with amazing results in raising their self-esteem.


            I have a power spot that I go to frequently. It is a basswood tree with about eight trunks coming out of the ground in a circle. I slip between the trunks, into the center, and sit down and drum. The resonance from the drum moves through my body creating a sense of well-being and a connectedness with all life, in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. I feel the heartbeat of the tree, the heartbeat of the drum, and my own heartbeat, all in union with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The trees arms hold me gently as I sing out my heart song together with the voice of the drum.

            I encourage you to find a place in nature that speaks to your heart. Bring your drum or rattle, and sit on the earth. Quiet your mind and begin to drum. It may take awhile, but you will experience a shift where you feel the interconnectedness of you and the earth and the drum. And then, connect with your heart and sing out your heart song. It may simply be tones or vowel sounds or words. Let the sound of your voice, join with the voice of the drum, singing your healing out into the world.

            Never forget that we are One!

Jeanne Marie Troge, M.A., RMT, KRMT, is co-owner of Brigid's House in Park Rapids, MN. She is a shamanic practitioner/teacher/healer, and an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher. Jeanne offers two-year trainings in core and celtic shamanism and many other classes in shamanism. Website:
www.earthdrummer.com Email: earthdrummer@hotmail.com





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