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Grow & flourish at Free Spirit Retreat in WI

GRAND REOPENING MAY 9: Free Spirit Retreat


What is the first thing you focus on upon awakening in the morning? Perhaps your thankful for the wonderful life you have or the many positive opportunities that a wait you each day.

Your thoughts upon waking are your foundation for the rest of your day and evening. How much time do you spend on imaging you day, week, month and the next five years of your live? When you think of your life next year what does it look and feel like? Is it positive or negative? Does it make you happy or sad?

Consider that your life is a garden, what kind of garden would you like to be, vegetables, flowers or a rock garden? Where would you place your garden? How would your garden thrive, under a shade tree, rocky soil, sunny spot? Time and thought need to go into where you place your garden .How much time would you spend on planning the garden? Would you have grass to remove or soil to till? Do you need a large space or a small space? Do you need to check on the quality of the soil? Will you buy plants, or start seeds. How do you decide what plants are in balance with each other? Do you seek help in your garden plans, read a book, just go for it and let your intuition guide you? Or have no idea of were to start, forget the idea and feel terrible that you have failed once again.

Please take a brief moment and tell your self how you feel right now .This garden is a metaphor for your life. Do you like what you see, feel, hear, smell and taste about your life? If the answer is yes take time to celebrate, YES you’re on your path and it sure feels GOOD! If your answer is no, ask yourself if you want to change the direction your going? Chinese proverb, “Unless we change direction, we are likely to end up where we are headed”.

How do you change direction in your life? The same as you plan a garden? One small thought at a time. You need to have a dream, a passion, and a desire for something new. You have to want it You’ll read or hear people talk about spending time with self, exploring the inner self, finding that inner light with in your self. This is were it all starts with self and nurturing your soul. . The world is very busy around you, how do you slow it down and give your self (soul) what you need or not. You have to want to.

It’s like the beginning stages of creating the garden, how much time can you give your self each day? Ten minutes, thirty minutes,( you need a note book) write down how much time daily you’ll spend on creating your life, the time of day you’ll do it, and where. Be ware that the amount of time, quality of time and detail you spend on your LIFE (garden plan) is the very foundation that you’re creating. Would you like a narrow base or a wide base? Do you want to remove the weeds or keep them? Keep your beliefs that don’t work or create beliefs that honor you.

Back to the metaphor of the Garden? What kind of garden do you want to be? What kind of life do you want to live? When you think of the live you want to live how does it make you feel, what does it look like? This is very important, when you know what you want it has to feel great and you have to be ecstatic about how it looks and perhaps what you’ll hear. Your senses are your inner guidance system, your soul communicating with you. Where in your body to you feel your happiness, where do you feel your Yuk, allow this communication to help you. This all takes some practice. How can you make this fun? If it’s not fun and rewarding you won’t do it. Write it all down. How will you celebrate with each accomplishment you make??

Goal: When you wake up in the morning now your thinking and getting excited about what your dreaming for in your life. Your slowing your breath your feeling refreshed. You have a general idea, for example I want to have a flower garden, or I know I want to be a nurse, naturopath, artist, mom...etc. Know start to add more detail to your journaling, I only want to work 25 hours a week and make ___ , I want to spend at least 30 hours a week with family /friends who support and honor me. I’ll spend 10 hours a week on self; I’ll spend time on slowing the breath and stilling the mind. I’ll learn to flow with my inner self. I love my self .It’s choosing the flowers that you want to have in your garden. The beauty of creating the garden (Life) is the fun factor, every ones is different and you can always change it. What you think is awesome today may be different ten years from know. It’s the spice of live that’s fun.

More detail again where will you place your garden- Where do you want to live?

What plants do you want to plant in the garden- What skills do you need for your perfect job or Life? What type of people do you want to be around? Where will you get those skills? Where will you meet those people? Do you go back to school? Need to read self help books? Meet with a naturopath or a life coach? Do you need more positive successful people in your life? Your beginning to create a positive, fun, happy, healthy, learning team around your self. Do you need to be healthy? Who and what do you want in your circles? (It’s your chose). Being aware of balance and harmony in all areas of your life. Asking self all the time how does this feel?

It’s all about believing, loving, changing, creating and caring for yourself.

You live in a time in this world when there are so many resources for self growth. Seek and you shall find. Consider giving your self the gift of spending time to know, love and nurture your soul each day and you will shine so brightly and you will make this world a kinder place to live. It all starts with you and you and you………You know what you don’t want ….. Spend your time on knowing what you want…. DREAM

Lisa Kuchinski CTC

Founder of Free Spirit Retreat

For wellness and healing

w4044 120th Ave

Maiden Rock WI 54750



Grand Re-Opening May 9 2009 11am-5pm

Come spend time with us in Nature

Tour the facility, Free SoQi Bed & Chi machine sessions

Equine coaching demonstrations

Guest speakers

Walk the wooded paths

Breath the fresh air

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