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Oracle Tarot Deck—collaboration of mother and son teachers By Laurie and Jake Wondra

The message: Everyone has access to higher wisdom

LAURIE WONDRA, A psychic medium/shaman, has known of her gifts of sensing energy and connecting with angels, guides, and those that have passed since a small child. She has a science background and used those skills and her intuition in corporate settings as an executive information technology leader for large global companies. Laurie's true passion is delivering messages and teachings of the Universe to individuals, groups, or the public. Her son Jake Wondra has grown up "living" in the metaphysical world but is naturally gifted in working with animal spirits and talking in Light Language Codes. He combines his education in graphic design, web development, and his artistic gifts with his passion for working with animals and people. He is also a teacher of the Messages of the Universe. 


Jake and Laurie teach from the heart about tools and techniques that help us connect deeply to the energies of the Universe. Both use the full brain, or both right-side and left-side brain energy, and both believe we have access to messages and information from the Universe at all times. We often block these messages, miss their subtlety, don't know how to interpret information, or we don't believe there is truth in the information. There is an increased desire in humanness to learn additional skills and tap into our natural gifts to access information and messages that exist beyond us. 


Historically, neither Laurie or Jake use cards when they do readings or energy work. Both can see, feel, hear, and sense energy and the messages of angels, guides, loved ones, animals, and astral beings.  As important as their work is when working with clients, they were both guided by spirit to create a new tool that allowed individuals to receive their own messages. 



Laurie and Jake began a project two years ago that combined their spiritual gifts and skills and created a tool that helps people connect to spirit guides and use their messages to help us. Animal Kingdom Gods and Goddess Oracle Card Deck includes a 46 Oracle card deck, an easy to use illustrated 200-page reference book all in a beautifully designed box for easy storage. The Oracle deck contains 23 Gods and 23 Goddesses each accompanied by an animal spirit. Four cards are considered warning or shadow cards that are designed with the intent to alert you to those times in your life you need advanced knowledge of a situation, or there is a sense of urgency the Universe is attempting to relay to you. All messages are comfortable and practical to understand and follow. This deck can be used by novice users or experts and may be used for a single card message or a spread such as past, present, and outcome. Directions for the use of the deck are included in the reference book. 


The words behind the cards came after the art was completed. The messages are from and are for the spirit and are designed to help guide you. This is important to both Jake and Laurie as we want people to connect to their animal spirits, and the helpers of the Universe.  



Laurie and Jake want to help people learn about your independence and building your own spiritual connection to what is available. Having tools to help you trust in the messages that the Universe brings every day. Sometimes we need confirmation, affirmation, or help to how we should proceed, sometimes we just need to know someone is there to help us. As humans, one of our biggest challenges is to understand the power of our internal guidance system and to trust those things beyond the obvious. As humans, we are always connected to the Divine energy, we never lose that; it just may feel off or diminished at times. Usually, during times of transformation or substantial change, we may seek clarity in decision making, or look for affirmation in our decisions. This Oracle deck provides a fresh tool that helps you get clear and understandable responses to your questions. They help you gain an understanding of past or present while creating deeper connections with the spirit animals and helpers of the Universe. We hope you enjoy this creation as much as we do.


Gifted Shaman, psychic medium, Laurie Wondra, channels Archangels, Ascended Masters, helpers of the Universe and people that have died. As a former Senior Executive Leader in Technology, Laurie brings real-life experience to her clients. Today she uses her gifts to deliver messages that help bring direction, clarity, and healing. She is the author of four books, a monthly newsletter, and Podcast. She speaks at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, is a regular guest on WCCO Radio, and has been highlighted on “The Science of Magic Canada” radio Show. Minnesota Business Magazine recognized her as an Inspiring Women in the article titled, “She Walks Between Worlds.” Laurie is profiled in several books. You can order her books, the Oracle Deck, check out her podcast, sign up for her newsletter or see where she is holding Drumming, Sound healing or Channeling events. https://yourlifecore.com/ For private or group appointments, you may contact her at Laurie@yourlifecore.com or 612.584.8673



Jake Wondra, or Jake “The Bear” Wondra, has grown up in the energetic/ spiritual world. Jake, since a young age, has been working with spirit animals, dream interpretation and light codes. It was only really after his high school years when he started to really hone in on these gifts and offer a unique skill set in the spiritual world. Jake also likes to make art and has crafted a way to embed specific energy from different sources into each piece of art. A form of art that he really enjoys doing is finding people’s spirit animal and then making a one of a kind print for them with them, depicted as a god or goddess with their animal.  To learn more about Jake visit his website https://www.jakethebear.com/ or to purchase the Oracle deck or a custom print, contact  him at jwondra12@gmail.com or 612.839.7746


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