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FOR CENTURIES WOMEN have gathered to connect at a deep level and share knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. Over time, patriarchal forces ended many of these gatherings and instilled a deep-seated fear for women to come together and experience their wisdom. 

In the spirit of rekindling the flame of women’s power together, Living in a Sacred Dimension provides women with ritual, ceremony, and a deep understanding of the energy of the third, fourth, and fifth dimensions. 

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, Annette Rugolo, Carole Hyder and I will be joining our respective areas of expertise to help participants have a better understanding of how they can recognize and activate the sacred dimension in their own lives.  This is what a participant can expect during the course of the day:

  • A deep understanding of what dimensions are and how honoring them impacts your life
  • A profoundly simple yet powerful technique to make your best decisions using inner awareness and dowsing rods
  • A renewed awakening of your highest self and how to choose higher frequency ways of being
  • Tools to rise above drama and live with a deepened sense of the sacred—where your life is meaningful, rich and joy-filled
  • An activated crystal to awaken more of your spiritual gifts
  • A powerful, personal process to raise the vibration of your home and other spaces
  • Nourishment of body, mind and spirit
  • Sacred community

Annette Rugolo will teach you the technique of dowsing plus a simple method to transform negative energy in your home. The technique of dowsing has been used for thousands of years to find and create high energy places on earth. Living in these high energy places supported entire groups of people in reaching expanded levels of consciousness. These same techniques are now available to everyone to create an enlightened home that supports you and your family in living in a sacred dimension

Dawn Morningstar will teach you an inner language to raise your vibrational energy and to live closer to the truth of who you are. Aligning daily life with the magnificence of the higher self is key to living in the sacred dimension. You will experience ascending the golden stairway to the Upper Room of your
consciousness, affirming who you came to earth to be. As you learn the five ways humanity expresses its nature, you attain mastery of the dimensional shift among us.

Carole Hyder will teach you the power of the built environment and how it can become your temple. Using your physical space, you will learn how to optimize its influence on you, your beliefs, and your behavior to bring about positive change. You will discover the heaven-and-earth connection that you and your home share—the connection that enables you to live in the Sacred Dimension.

In this time of change and awakening, it’s key to expand consciousness and understanding—and create your plan for meaningful action.

Carole, Annette and I have another reason for combining and sharing our gifts at Living in a Sacred Dimension: collaboration. The three of us, who are dear friends, chose to come together and offer a new paradigm approach to teaching. Rather than going it alone all of the time, we appreciate the gifts that lie in coming together and supporting one another’s teachings and philosophies. Instead of the old paradigm, which is one of competition and domination, we chose to embrace the feminine principles of inclusion, cooperation and mutual support. Plus, our combined 75 years of teaching experience is a natural alignment. According to Gene Keys author, Richard Rudd, “Unity is efficiency.” And unity is love.

The three of us meet regularly to meditate and call in higher energies to bless this collaboration and guide us in all facets of its creation. We have had a wonderful time holding the energy of Living in a Sacred Dimension in a sacred way. We call forth those who feel the importance of this work at this time in the world to join us on Sunday, October 13 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


Humanity is in a time of great change and is awakening in many ways. This awakening is beaconing all humans to uncover hidden truths so that the holy and high frequencies of love, light, and beauty within become our natural way of being opening hearts and minds to higher levels of service and meaningful connection. 

One hundred years from now, the human race will know that there was a group of awakened souls who gathered together in this and many other ways to usher in a new era of peace, love and prosperity for all. Living in a Sacred Dimension is a sweet and profound experience for those who resonate with the vibration of a new earth grounded in love. Let us gather together.

Join with others who know they are here on earth by Divine choice and Divine appointment to live as high-vibrational beings who positively change the world for good.

This is a day of soul connection, sacred community and magic—bridging ancient wisdom with modern transformational tools. Spend the day with like-hearted people, break bread together, receive fresh inspiration and begin to live at a higher dimension in all areas of your life. This is a day you won’t want to miss.

You will leave Living in a Sacred Dimension inspired, joy-filled and hopeful. It’s a day to form new meaningful connections with others on the path and remember why you are here on earth at this time. Each participant will be given a gift bag with specially chosen objects to be cherished. Oh, and there will be chocolate!

Seating is limited, so register early. http://bit.ly/SacredDimension. $128 before September 29. $138 after. Registration closes October 5.


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