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The Spirit Warrior's work is to transform darkness into light By Arriale Starbird

A state trooper stopped me yesterday, and I thought 'Oh no, another $45 just went down the toilet.' But he didn't give me a ticket. Instead he told me to turn my headlights on. The sun was setting and it was still light. But he was being exacting about the time of day, after which the lights should be turned on. After a certain specific time of day, (which changes based on season and length of day) lights must be turned on. He was actually helping. When stuff like that happens, I always feel like there is a spiritual lesson there. The universe or my unconscious self is sending myself a message.

So as I pondered that, the series of thoughts that came to me are: during the dark night of the soul, or when dealing with dark forces, you always have your own light to illuminate your way. As long as you recharge your battery, you always have this light (your own answers). So it comes to this: It’s critical that you recharge your battery. People in the rat race never get to do that. People's lives are so busy and stressful nowadays, we rarely get to truly recharge. I think the total depletion of our inner resources, which leads to all sorts of diseases and disorders in persons and the society as a whole, is unfortunately a hallmark of the modern lifestyle.

For shamans and mystics, we recharge only in solitude in nature anyway. Big cities become no go zones for those who are deeply devoted to cultivation of their personal power and do not want anyone interfering with their spiritual way of life.

Being an intuitive empath, other people's energy affects me a lot. And as I grow on my spiritual journey, I become even more sensitive, even though I was already ultra sensitive from birth. I am so sensitive in fact, that if I'm around people who are drinking, they may not be bothered by their drunkenness, or not think they are drunk, but I will feel their drunkenness, and the toxicity bothers me a lot. If I'm around people who did bad things in the past and have not made their amends, their 'inner demons' will come to me for help, they will want to be exorcised, and they will keep bugging me until I either tell the person to deal with this already, or I can't be around them. I saw roadkill on the road one day as I was jogging in the neighborhood, and that night the soul of that animal came to me and wanted me to help it to transition to the other side. These kinds of things happen all the time.

You can imagine that crowded places are akin to torture for people like me. Shopping, like most things I do in the world, require a sniper approach. I run in, get the exact items I need, and get out. Shopping areas are designed to make people buy a lot of items they don't need. Psychology and sorcery are actually used to create mind control systems, to make people think they must have items they actually don't need or want. No one “needs” an $800 Gucci purse. Probably 70 percent of items being sold are overpriced garbage.

The less things I have the better I feel. I'm much like a monk in that way. Some monks just own their robe and a bowl. If I could realistically live like that, I'm sure I'd be happier. Things hold energy and if they are not in alignment with your higher purpose, they drain your battery. Declutter regularly! I bet most of you could get rid of 70 percent of your stuff and never miss it.

I can't allow anything that detracts from my mental clarity, in my life. Other people's low frequency thoughts, their unhealthy interests and habits, their dark force entities, their festering unhealed wounds from the past, their projections, etc — this is all chaos and noise that drains my battery and gives nothing at all of real value in return. Only people who have already achieved a certain level of mastery on the path of purity/integrity, energetic, spiritual, mental, etc, can be allowed in my sacred space. I'm not saying I'm perfect and that I don't have my own problems. Quite the opposite, I have devoted my life to healing myself and solving my problems, and making myself of true value in the world, and that is precisely why I need the purity of my sacred space to heal my own past wounds, and the cultivation of my own energy, without interference of other people’s B.S., stuff that they really should be working on themselves. People have to do their own inner work at all times. That too recharges the battery.

Being called to be a Healer, Counselor and Teacher, I would never give up being of service in the world. It's part of my sacred mission, my dharma. And to do that effectively, I have to fiercely guard my sacred space, in which I recharge my battery, and do my own healing and integration.

I've been on the path of transformation for a long time, so obviously these thoughts were not new. But the state trooper, I feel, was a messenger of Archangel Michael, and gave me that reminder. Because I do all my work with Archangel Michael, and he is the patron of the police force. It was a reminder to bring my light to a dark world. This is what Spirit Warriors do. Although it directly benefits me, it also benefits everyone around me whose paths also get illuminated by my light.

Why would the universe bother sending me a trooper to remind me of this, someone might ask? Because it highlights the importance of this. That this process of bringing light to darkness is a cosmic law. And if we don't do it, we will inevitably be penalized for our inaction. Just being positive is not enough. To be truly positive, you have to extend your light to others in darkness. And if we don't do this, our own lives will become darker, and we will become a danger to ourselves and others. And those 'light workers' or anyone not doing that have no place in my life.

No matter what kind of trauma a person has had in the past, only people who do their own internal work, continuously, can reach a level of spiritual and emotional maturity, that they are truly safe in and for the world.

Shamans go further. On the Shamanic Medicine path, you transform your wounds into sources of personal power. The shadow becomes the fountain of living water. Sounds cryptic probably. To put in colloquial terms, all of your experiences, traumatic or otherwise, once reflected upon and processed through compassion, become a source of wise guidance for yourself and others.

Another reason for this cosmic message is so I would write about it, and remind all of you to do your inner work, of bringing light into your own dark places. Release and transform your demons and your shadows, and all other impurities. And by extension bring your light to the world. Fiercely guard your internal batteries. Don't let anyone or anything waste your energy, your time, your health, your skills. Be very selective who you allow into your sacred circle. Strategy is superior to direct battle, and one strategy that the dark forces use on humans (very effective in the world if you look all around you), is to drain a person through distractions, shiny trivialities, drama, emotionally charged lies in the media, toxins and parasites in things we consume, meaningless busy work, etc. Combat that strategy with laser like focus on your dharma.

Whether you win or lose a battle, if you are paying attention you will learn a lesson, but you pay for the lesson with your energy. So reinforce boundaries around yourself and your sacred space, so that you always have an untainted unconditionally supportive space to return to for rejuvenation and recovery after every battle. Allow no one into that sacred space, not allies, not enemies. It is for you alone, and to commune with the Divine.

I believe in this mission so much that I named my business after this concept: Pure Hearth Center. The hearth, in the spiritual/ psychological sense, is the sacred place in your heart, where you transform darkness into light, impurities (lead) into wisdom (gold).

On Jan 19-20, I will teach a Shamanic Energy Healing workshop with focus on Deep Spiritual Cleansing, Purification and Protection. I will present the philosophy, principles and practices of the Spirit Warrior Way. All work is done with Archangel Michael, and other supportive and compassionate spiritual beings, and the entire Angelic realm. To learn more about the workshop go to: https://psychicselfdefensetraining.com

I'm also available for private Spiritual Counseling and Healing sessions. To learn more or to schedule a session, go to: https://purehearthcenter.com

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