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Wandering Spirits and Lost Souls By Annette Rugolo

IT HAPPENED AGAIN this week. I received a phone call from someone asking for help. Her mom had passed away three years ago and she recently moved into the family home to take care of her aging father.

After moving into the house, she started feeling depressed with bouts of anger. She called to ask for help as she had run out of options for feeling better.

As I tuned into the house, I informed her that her mom’s spirit was still there. She immediately told me that a neighbor had seen her mother walking up and down the driveway a few weeks before but she wasn’t sure if she could believe her. After I confirmed what her neighbor saw, she had so many questions!

Why was her mother still here? Why couldn’t she see her? Was her mom needing something? Was she OK?

When I asked some questions about her mom and her end of life, I found out that Hospice had been with her for the last three weeks. Her mother had been very angry much of her life and the last three weeks, she lay in bed not speaking to anyone. She died angry and disconnected from the love and support that surrounded her.

I have seen these types of situations since I started releasing spirits. Strong emotions such as fear, anger, grief or shock prevent a spirit from leaving this dimension after they leave their body. The spirit continues to exist in this dimension and those open to seeing spirits will start being aware of their presence. I feel it is a good thing that more and more people are beginning to see them, just like my client’s neighbor was able to see her mom. If we can’t see them, we can’t help them.


Over the years of doing this work, I have seen several different kinds of responses for those who do see spirits. The first and most frequent is the reaction of fear. As I have taught others about spirits and how to release them, I have heard numerous stories of adults who were able to see spirits as children. 

When telling parents or other adults in their life about them, the adult either went into fear, disbelief or simply telling the child it was just their imagination. The adult in their life absolutely did not know what to do with the information that the child was giving them. 

The child then either took on the fear of the adults or closed off to seeing them because it was too much for a young soul to deal with and to process. Many of these children, once they understand who these spirits are and that they can be helped, open up to seeing them again.

Some who see spirits simply send them away. They have learned, at some level, that you can communicate with spirits and by forcefully telling them to leave, they will go away. In these instances, the spirits will continue their search for someone who can help them. 

Not all spirits can leave, however, because of an attachment, or energetic cord, to the house, the land or someone who lives in the house. The people trying to communicate with them become frustrated and confused about why the spirit doesn’t leave.

Another response people will have to spirits in their house is again communicating with them but this time to let them know they can stay as long as they are quiet. They create an arrangement where both incarnated spirits and disembodied spirits can live together in peace.

And finally, there are those who know how to release a trapped spirit and they will send them to the light. These are people who have done this kind of work in a past life and understand that when a wandering spirit comes to them, they are asking for help in moving on from this dimension.

NEW BOOK: Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Spirits

After hearing all about all of these different situations over the years, I decided to write a book to help others understand who these spirts are and to know that there is something we can do to help them leave this dimension. 

As we begin to open up to this realm, it is important to know that the soul of a person never dies, it simply leaves the body they chose to inhabit during a lifetime. The soul’s purpose is to continue to learn and to evolve and it cannot do that while it lives in this dimension. 

While some spirits are ready to leave, others need some help. They need help releasing whatever emotional trauma or energetic attachment is keeping them stuck. Some spirits I have helped over the years exist in a kind of limbo, not even aware they are stuck.

There is a method that I use that allows me to feel safe while doing this work as I consciously open a doorway for them to leave. It is my passion to share this information and to help others understand who these spirits are, what we can do to help them and why helping them is important for the evolution of humanity. 

To gain a deeper understanding of wandering spirits and lost souls, I invite you to read my book ‘Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Spirits’. The book can be found on Barnes & Noble.com, Amazon.com as well as my website www.AnnetteRugolo.com.

If you are interested in learning how to release them, please check out my events page for upcoming Space Clearing classes. 

There are many souls ready and waiting to be released. I invite you to join me in this important service to humanity.

Annette Rugolo is the author of Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls. She has been transforming homes though dowsing and space clearing since 2005 and has been teaching classes since 2006. For more information about a class or having your home energetically healed, call 612-605-8608 or visit AnnetteRugolo.com. For more tips on how to become more aware of energy in your environment, email Annette@AnnetteRugolo.com

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