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The Mystic Chaplain – My Story From Cancer Survivor to Becoming a Chaplain By Kathy Collins

IN HER RIVETING new memoir, The Mystic Chaplain – My Story, Wisconsin author and hospital chaplain at Meriter Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin, writes about being bedridden with cancer for six months and how it changed her life forever. This whirlwind journey is an awakening of the metaphysical world, messages, visions, self-healing and synchronized events of people put on her path to understanding our oneness.

It is a journey of healing through one’s own heart. This compelling memoir is worth taking the time to read in this fast-paced world we live in. It is a journey of reaching back and connecting with ancient ways and also combining with the New Age ways we are being introduced to, by opening doors to a world that is so close to us, most cannot see it, but many can feel. It’s like the wind, we can’t see it, but we can feel it. It is our soul’s awareness that we are hungry to learn more and want to be able to fill our hearts with a “New Fire of Love.” 

We are capable of healing ourselves, and when we are ready to let go of our individual pain story, our heart has the power to heal us and the world. It is a story of bringing Heaven and Earth together through oneness.

Chaplain Kathy shares her pain story of not being valued and how she grew from it and answered the call as she was nudged along the way through her “Doubting Thomas” years to becoming a hospital chaplain.

Chapter Excerpt from The Mystic Chaplain

By the end of the first week of treatment, my stamina was diminishing fast. Mom and Dad drove me to the emergency room of our nearby medical center. The on-call emergency room doctor was a young man who was smart enough to know he was in over his head when he assessed my medical situation. As my weakened body slid down sideways on the two-seater bench I had come to rest on, he told me he wanted to call in doctors from the medical center that would be better suited to handle my situation. I agreed. As he made his calls, I was quickly placed in an available emergency room down the hall.

As the medical center doctors worked frantically on me, I believed I wasn’t going to make it. I heard one of the three physicians in the room say, “I can’t find a vein on either of her arms that will work.” Another doctor replied, “Check her legs for something that will work.” While I lay there between life and death, Mom sat silently on a chair in the room with her head down. I asked the medical team to have her wait in the waiting room with my dad. I didn’t want her to see another one of her children pass away. Without her uttering a word, I saw Mom look up and shake her head defiantly from left to right with a look on her face I often saw as a young child and knew instantly should not be questioned, and the doctors sensed it too – she was not leaving me alone.

My situation was threatening, yet my demeanor was peaceful and not the least bit anxious or fearful. My heart, mind, and soul were in complete surrender mode. I was in one realm, and everyone else in the room was in another, yet we were all there simultaneously. A protective barrier, like a clear bubble, surrounded me and emitted a gentle vibration with a low humming tone like the sound of a hummingbird’s wings when it is suspended in flight.

I was able to watch and listen to everything that was going on in the room, but the quick movements and verbal sounds of the medical staff no longer meant anything to me. It was as if they were all in an entirely different bubble, just outside of my own, and dealing with a different situation, which was of no concern to me.

While the medical staff worked feverishly to find a vein somewhere on my body, I happened to look to my left and saw the young emergency room doctor pass by the door of my room. We made eye contact. A few minutes later the young doctor came to the door, and we again made eye contact and this time he came into the room and came directly up to me. He said nothing to the other doctors in the room, but he asked me, “Is there anything I can do for you?” I replied, “My head is cold.” He immediately pulled over a goose-necked lamp and adjusted it over my head, so I could feel the warmth. He then left the room.

Eventually stabilized and sent to a nearby hospital, I mentioned to Mom how sorry I was I never got the young emergency room doctor’s name to thank him for what he had done. For the next six months, I was bedridden because of the reaction to the chemotherapy treatments, and I had many more trips to the emergency room after each treatment, but I never saw the young emergency room doctor. I thought about him and talked about him often with Mom. It was as if both our souls were connected by an invisible thread. He was continually in my thoughts during the difficult months of treatment and healing, and I always regretted not having been able to thank him for his gesture of kindness.

Chaplain Kathy works through the heart when working with her hospital patients. Many individuals struggle with their faith and don’t know how to rekindle the connection with their faith community or to be able to connect one-on-one. Their hearts are aching for something more. 

We have many choices to get from one city to another as we travel by land, air or sea. The same is true for each of us when we long to reconnect with the Divine. We all have many paths to choose from, but our destination is the same, and the Divine is waiting for all of us in our own hearts.   

Chaplain Kathy Collins, ASC, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised along the Wisconsin shoreline of Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Her insatiable love for history was fulfilled by taking as many University of Wisconsin Extension courses she could find through the years. Her life experiences of working in the business world, being a volunteer hospice caregiver, and surviving her own personal fight with cancer, gave Kathy the tools to fulfill her spiritual journey of transformation to becoming a hospital chaplain. She now resides in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.   kathycollinswriter@gmail.com    www.kathycollinswriter.com

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