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Frequency-Infused Audios: A New Technology to Shift Reality By Ellen McDonough

MANY HAVE HEARD of Reiki-infused music for relaxation and meditation but can audios also be infused with frequencies to create abundance, revitalize the body, attract a soulmate, release limiting beliefs, clear dark energy, and so much more?

I know they can, as these audios have definitely worked for me!

My Own Story

Frequency-infused audios have helped me in so many ways, but primarily with health and healing.

A few years ago I suffered with pain and extreme fatigue, as well as a series of bizarre symptoms that no one could explain. Dietary changes and supplements helped, but they didn’t cure. I saw countless health practitioners, both allopathic and holistic, but despite their best intentions, nothing changed.

Suffice it to say, I felt miserable, depressed and hopeless.

Fortunately, synchronicity led me to discover audio tracks infused with powerful high-frequency energies along with specific, pure intentions. I was already familiar with energy work so I decided to give them a try.

Honestly when I first started listening, I felt like my energy field was being blasted with white light, then in the following days I'd undergo a detox, both physical and emotional, as if anything that didn’t match the high-frequency energies came up to be released. It wasn't always easy, but I just went with it and after a short time I'd feel much better with my symptoms eased. Other audios I’d play on a loop while I slept and when I awoke I'd feel much lighter, as if some old energy that had been weighing me down had magically lifted. Still others simply put me in a more heightened state of awareness whereas my guidance was clearer and life became more synchronistic.

In short, by listening to frequency-infused audios from a number of different healers—and thereby immersing myself in high pure frequencies—one by one my symptoms gradually vanished, and my energy returned. While this wasn’t the only factor in my recovery, these audios, produced by gifted healers around the world, beyond a doubt played a key role.

Since then I’ve used frequency-infused audios to also create abundance miracles, clear my energy field, increase intuition, and so much more.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

-Nikola Tesla

Frequencies Can Shift Physical Reality

There is a new technology available called “frequency-infused audios” (also called “energy transmissions” or “energetically-encoded audios”) in which top energy healers are infusing and encoding

audios with very high frequencies and pure intentions to shift or create virtually anything in life such as prosperity, success, spiritual awakening, emotional healing and so much more.

“The Universe doesn't speak English, it speaks frequency.”

What are the Audios Like?

The audios are all different, as each healer has his/her own unique style.

For example, some audios contain talking, similar to a guided meditation but the healer is actually transmitting energies to the listener. Other audios contain music, and some have Light Language. Some audios have voice toning, where instead of a musical instrument, the healer uses their voice to transmit frequencies; still others are completely silent.

Also different are the ways the audios can be used: some require active listening, but many may be played on a loop during the day or while you sleep and you can bask in the high energies non-stop. A few require headphones or earbuds, but the vast majority do not.

What’s important to know about playing these audios is that anyone and anything near you will also get the benefit of these frequencies, so you can broadcast healing frequencies to help other people, pets, plants, etc., even to raise the vibration of an object or room. It’s a great way to help make a positive difference in the world around you!

How Do They Work?

Science has agreed that the world around us is comprised of vibration, energy and frequency—not just the physical world but every thought, emotion, belief, situation, etc also has its own unique frequency, or as Dr. Richard Bartlett puts it, “patterns of light and information.”

Taking this a step further, science has also now proven that through quantum entanglement, “patterns of light and information” of any thought, emotion or intention can be imprinted on a physical object, and in turn, affect the world around us.

Scientists like Dr. William Tiller and Dr. Masaru Emoto have proven this: Dr Tiller successfully altered the ph of water by imprinting an electrical circuit with this specific intention, and Dr. Emoto proved emotions alter the crystalline structure of water.

The healers who create frequency-infused audios have the ability to first channel high, pure Source energies, then with focused intent, encode an mp3 with these specific frequencies.

When these audios are played, their high frequencies are transmitted and new “information” is introduced into your field and into your consciousness; on the quantum level, you actually receive new Light codes and data. As your consciousness and energy field entrain to new frequencies, your physical reality begins to shift and your awareness opens to new possibilities.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is physics.” —Bashar

This is how vision boards and affirmations work: they help entrain you to the frequency of what you want to create so frequency-infused audios can be used as an effective manifestation tool.

For example, if you are experiencing lack of abundance, play a money miracles audio and this will entrain you to success and prosperity; if you are suffering from grief, play an emotional healing audio and you’ll find yourself entraining to higher states of peace and joy.

Ellen McDonough is the founder of PureLight Audio (http://www.PureLightAudio.com), a mobile app that serves as a marketplace for frequency-infused audios. Ellen is also a visionary artist who channels images of Atlantis, high spiritual realms and other star systems, then imbues her images with light and high frequencies. Ellen’s art may be viewed at http://www.PlacesofLight.com.

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