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Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven By Annette Bruchu

AS WE LEARN to raise our vibration and connect to the divine realm in order to become more present with our Guardian Angels, we are changing and growing. When we let our angels into our lives and hearts, our thoughts naturally become kinder and more positive. This shifts our energies. 

This book was written by Annette in a way to share with others the understanding and guidance of the Angels. As a teacher and mentor Annette seeks to empower others to develop their own intuitive and psychic gifts and to recognize the importance of Angel guidance in their lives.


The book begins by explaining the Guardian Angel relationship. Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven defines and explains the different psychic tools each and every one of us can utilize in order to better connect with the angelic realm. 

Included within its pages are hundreds of practical exercises, meditations and simple visualizations, designed to assist readers every step of the way. It eases readers into meditation techniques and teaches them how to raise their vibration. Angel Relationships: A Match Made in Heaven offers guidance in understanding the different signs we get from our angels every single day. It offers solutions for different issues we encounter in our daily human lives, and discusses how we can call on our angels in times of trouble. Angels encourage a positive and hopeful mindset to ensure our newly formed connection with our angels is never lost. Finally, it offers a resource that readers can come back to again and again, by giving them exercises for different days of the week, months of the year, and even special milestones and various occasions. 

Every single one of us is assigned a special angel at birth. As such, they are also the perfect resource for anyone interested in further developing their psychic abilities. By walking readers through the divine angel relationships, this book also discusses the different psychic gifts, and using our natural, angelic connection, aids readers in the further development of these gifts. 

No matter a reader’s intention upon picking up ANGEL RELATIONSHIPS: A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, everyone is provided with the tools and empowered with potential to bring in kinder and more polished energy to our world. Angel Relationships: A Match Made In Heaven suggests to readers that by simply being themselves they have the ability to make the world a better place. 

For information about Annette Bruchu and to place your order on line go to: www.UnemployedAngelForHigher.com

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