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Reclaiming Your Life After Cancer: 04/28/2018

Three months ago a Cancer Survivor program was born that has attracted tremendous support: Reclaiming Your Life after cancer  www.reclaiminglifeac.org

Trish Perry is a 5-year breast-cancer survivor who also lost a sister, two aunts, and numerous friends to cancer. While working with her minister, Rev. Sarah Campbell of Mayflower Church, they discussed how sharing scars can promote healing.  She reflected, Mine are both visible and invisible- I have physical scars from my double mastectomy and invisible scars from the trauma of cancer and the way it changed my life.” Having been through this trial herself, she felt called to help others skillfully navigate the cancer treatment and survival process. 
Most cancer workshops are medically oriented and, while of genuine value, can be intimidating and/or impersonal. That is why Trish reached out to me to co-create an alternative, full-day retreat focusing on restoring Body/Mind/Spirit: Body through yoga and integrative nutrition; Mind through affirmations and Mindfulness; Emotions through understanding survival; and Spirit through reflection and meditation. 
This program will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the Mayflower Church in Minneapolis and feature locally and internationally notable presenters including Ruth Bachman as Keynote SpeakerSarah Manes, VP from Angel Foundation; and Carolyn Denton from the Penny George Institute and U of M. The venue leapt from idea to actuality in just 4 months so to help promote participation in it a One-Page overview and Brochure are attached along with a brief video clip https://youtu.be/shwdLNV9bs0  

This site is for enrollment: Ticketing / Registrationhttps://tinyurl.com/ybsyosqh

Any questions can be directed to me at alanpritz@q.com  or Trish at trish.perry@harmonizeu.com.

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