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Transition to Aquarius by Betsy Whitfill

     In the world of esoteric healing, different approaches are used depending on the state of the subject’s physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Healers know that each of us is an energy field submerged within the greater energy field of all humans and all of nature. Each of these “bodies” has a “door”, called a chakra within the energetic field manifesting as our physical bodies on the physical plane. The quality of manifestation, our state of health in all bodies, is ultimately determined by our directed thoughts, for it is a truism that energy follows thought. Most people’s thoughts are focused through the solar plexus chakra, the door to the emotional or “astral” planes, and are whipped to and fro by the waves of fears, and the lure of the desires and unreal thoughtforms they contact on those planes. Truth does not live in the astral planes. 

     Effective healing does not start with the physical body, but rather at the higher emotional/lower mental levels, and for relatively few, as yet, at the soul level.  You might now suspect that the highest healing, within the limits of Karma, comes from the soul plane.  The word “level” or “plane” refers to a state of consciousness.  All healers know of the placebo effect:  the patient feels better after taking a pill, or being cared for by a knowledgeable practitioner.  They hold out hope for recovery, which hope is a powerful stimulus in itself. Managing symptoms with the expectation that the body, once stimulated, then is able to heal itself, has been the traditional approach, since the body, with all of its internal resources, is a magical self-healing machine.

     Increasingly, the young among us are demanding new ways of living that support natural health and allow for expression of their innately holistic view of life.  Each generation incarnates as a group, bringing with it the solutions to the problems existing on Earth at the time.  The huge group of “Millenials”, together with certain of those of other generations, are Aquarian in consciousness.  They are group oriented, and are naturally accustomed to work impersonally in groups. Whether they realize their high mission or not, they have come into incarnation now to respond to the energies of Aquarius that only can be used in group formation.  They are lifting humanity by demanding creation of a new civilization based on Love, Justice and Freedom.  They are rather sensitive souls, and the world discord they encounter can result in emotional turmoil and fear of the future.  Inner conflict and the tension that can result in dis-ease is often the immediate result of limited “higher” conscious awareness because our emotional reactions disrupt the balance and flow of the energies that make up our bodily systems.  These Aquarians are more sensitive to their environment, and respond more strongly to the injustice they see at every turn.  They can become overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the human misery they encounter and so they instinctively react. They know that humanity must rebuild the world and are beginning to search for wise guidance as to how to proceed.

     There are many now who believe that the lifting of humanity is not a random event, but is an essential step in long-term human development called “The Plan”.  That plan is a vast, ongoing program of development envisioned and created by God, “the Universe”, the Logos or whatever name you prefer.  The timing is based on the 2500-year cyclic advancement of our solar system’s alignment with sequential astronomical constellations, each of which sheds its unique energies for the duration of that alignment.  During the past 200 or so years, our solar system, including Earth, has moved from alignment with Pisces, to alignment with Aquarius. Historically at such a time, a Teacher comes to help humanity adjust to the new energies and point the way to rebuild the world based on the energetic “next step” forward in The Plan.  As expected, the Teacher for the Age of Aquarius has come, not to save us but to teach us how to save ourselves by restoring balance and harmony in human relationships. His personal name is Maitreya, Leader of His Group, the Masters of Wisdom Who are experts in every field of human endeavor – science, the arts, politics, economics and more.  Every historic figure who has contributed to the progress and delight of humanity has been/is a disciple of One or other of these Great Ones, consciously or not. For the first time in millennia, They are living among us, waiting for the chance to appear publically and teach openly. They know the way forward, and the pitfalls on the way. Maitreya’s simple plan for humanity is based on the Love that exists within each human heart, and the fact that humanity is one family.  Within a family the resources are shared equally among all members. 


    Individually, our awakening is essentially not a personal choice at all.  It is an attribute of that divinity, the Soul, an aspect of which sits within each and every person. Maitreya’s presence is stimulating that divinity to expression on the physical plane. That call from the soul on its own high plane, initially intermittent but gradually more insistent, is the most important influence in our lives. It is the call to wholeness. For hundreds, perhaps thousands of incarnations, it is within us as potential only, and we live our self-absorbed lives as unaware gods in kindergarten, gathering our building blocks,  creating things we like, and warring against anyone who tries to take them away. Trial and error is the early method.  Immediate, physical pain and pleasure are our road signs.  But then, during one life, a sort of discontent begins.  We wonder..is this all there is?   What is wrong with me that I’m unhappy?  Some of us turn to distractions that mask this vague yet deep dissatisfaction. Some of us become seekers, looking here and there for answers.  We become consumers of information, comparing and contrasting as we go.  This sacred process is critical to our becoming our unique path toward wholeness. Eventually, we find meditation, and in meditation we find the Holy Grail...the soul, our higher self, the master within, the spark of God.  This contact creates a peak experience of deep love for all the world, and initiates a strong desire to serve, for the soul is Love and knows only service.

    A most potent yet simple technique of service and spiritual growth for those who are ready is Transmission Meditation. A group of three or more sits together, recites aloud the Great Invocation while holding attention at the Ajna center between the eyebrows, and the energies flow in. As the Custodian of all the energies pouring into the Earth from cosmic sources, Maitreya uses the group Ajna centers to send the energies from the Avatar of Synthesis, the Spirit of Peace and Equilibrium, the Buddha, and the energy of Love which He Himself embodies, through the group and out into the world “stepped down” to a level which average humanity can absorb and use to foster right human relationships – humanity’s next step in development. At the same time, members’ chakras are developed and balanced.  Because they are serving, their Karma is burned off and their spiritual development rapidly advances.  With regular, focused meditation, participants find they are becoming healthier, more centered, intuitive and creative. Their habitual focus is raised to the Ajna center, resulting in ability to construct the bridge to the spiritual worlds.  They live more and more above the turmoil of physical/emotional living, and settle in to that place of peace and bliss experienced at the soul level.  

    These groups of volunteers are also performing a great service to humanity by transmitting the energies that will save the world.  Totally unsung, they are in almost every country and make up a network of Light. You can learn the details of this unique and potent meditation, and can join this network of Light by contacting .............................. and reading Benjamin Creme’s groundbreaking book, Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age available online at: http://www.share-international.org/background/printed/transmission.htm.

                              The Great Invocation

    From the point of Light within the mind of God,

        let Light stream forth into the minds of men.

                Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the heart of God,

         let Love stream forth into the hearts of men.

                May Christ return to Earth.

    From the center where the will of God is known,

         let purpose guide the little wills of men,

            the purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the center which we call the race of men,

         let the Plan of Love and Light work out,

             and may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

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Betsy Whitfill is a coworker at Share International USA

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