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History is being made behind the scenes By Betsy Whitfill

People are moving away from watching and reading the news because of the stress caused by the seemingly endless reports of murder, mayhem, and more.  What, they ask, is happening to the world?  

As many already know, for several decades now, Share International has sought to prepare humanity for this difficult time by providing some of the teachings of Maitreya, the World Teacher for humanity during this Age of Aquarius.  Every 2500 or so years, our Sun aligns with one of the constellations and we say that we are in the age of that constellation. The energies of that constellation flood our planet, inspiring humanity to build a culture that incorporates the best of the “old” age and builds in the qualities of the new age: the qualities of Aquarius require right relationships which produce synthesis and brotherhood. 

Historically, at the beginning of each new age, a Teacher comes to show humanity how to respond positively to and use the new energies.   Maitreya, the Lord of Love and World Teacher for Aquarius, is now living and working among us, albeit as yet incognito so as not to infringe human free will.  We must want what Maitreya is teaching us and in that way invite him out into public work.  In the meanwhile, He daily sends His energy of Love throughout the world. With so much Love in the world, why, you may ask, are we experiencing one of the most chaotic and dark times in modern history?

The energy of Love that Maitreya embodies is the energy of attraction that holds all in close relationship.  It is the energy of God itself and the most potent energy on this planet. The increasing saturation of Love energy plus the Aquarian energies of Brotherhood and Synthesis, are bringing humanity together in such a way that during this Aquarian Age, humanity will realize our subjective oneness, and we will see ourselves as the family we truly are.   During this historic time of transition from one Cosmic cycle (the Age of Pisces) to the next (the Age of Aquarius) it is natural that our dying civilization, built under the influence of Pisces, is in chaos.  During Pisces, humanity developed to become highly competitive, individualistic and idealistic at the same time, and recognized the ideals of Freedom, Justice and Love – but at a distance to be aspired to. As we move into Aquarius, our technological advances have spread those ideals everywhere and awakened humanity to the need for transformation of the ways we live so that all people everywhere may live lives of the dignity that Freedom, Justice and Love afford. People everywhere are demanding to be treated equally, fairly, justly as individuals and also as groups of individuals on all levels and in all fields of human endeavor. Whether in families, neighborhoods, cities and towns, or as nations, correct relationship among peoples and with our planet earth, is essential if humanity is to survive.  Benjamin Creme, the late Editor in Chief of Share International magazine, described it clearly in the January/February 2007 issue and again in the October 2011 issue. 

...The world has come to a point not only of no return but of total crisis, total confrontation between good and ill, between that which produces harmony and that which produces the opposite. This is the result of the energy of the Sword of Cleavage... 

It is the energy of Love pouring out now through all the planes. It saturates the world, and its effect on humanity is to make you more of what you are. If you are a person of goodwill, that will be stimulated and potentized. If you are destructive, of bad will, you become more so. All, good and bad alike, are stimulated... 

In this way humanity will see very clearly what it has to do. If this did not happen, we might feel that we could soldier on as we are. It would be difficult, but we might think that eventually, perhaps, things would subside and be all right again – as it never was in the past. The Sword of Cleavage sharpens the differences and makes clear the options before humanity. More and more people, with the sharpened vision that the Sword gives us, see that there is no alternative any more to peace. If we do not have peace, we will have complete destruction of all life on the planet. Peace, then, is no longer an option for humanity: it is essential.... 

There is a well-known old saying that “without a vision, the people perish”.  The visions of the past, of individual material success and domination based on competition and comparison, no longer serve the needs of awakened humanity, and so the institutions based on those visions are under attack.  Maitreya comes to teach the Principle of Sharing which is a Divine principle that governs the cultures of all of our more highly evolved planetary neighbors.  He teaches that each one of us has always been, and will always be essentially divine: “The Kingdom of God is within you” –The Bible, Luke 17:21.  One of our purposes on Earth is to contact and develop that divinity (Self-Realization), and to express it in our everyday lives.  He teaches the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma), and the Law of Reincarnation.  He teaches that the solutions to all of Mankind’s problems lie in our hands now: love one another, share Earth’s resources, recognize our interdependence and cooperate, live according to the Golden Rule.  He teaches that Self or Soul realization is reached simply through honesty, sincerity and detachment.  He teaches that the only way to God is through love and service to one’s fellowmen and women.  No one, Maitreya says, has come to God by any other route.

As this Piscean culture dies and is replaced by the new civilization based on these precepts, men and women will become increasingly creative and inspired by the Aquarian stimulation.  The young and the young at heart are leading the way.  The tension inherent in the turmoil of this transition will subside, and Nature will return to a more normal rhythm.  There will be fewer earthquakes and severe storms.  Our Space Brothers will give us technology that will mop up our extreme pollution. There will be entirely new music, new art, new architecture based on the science of energies.  There will be even more spectacular scientific advancements reflecting humanity’s new awareness.  War will be forever abolished in favor of the benefits of cooperation and compromise and then it will be safe for humanity to be given The Technology of Light, which will provide all of our energy needs without any pollution.  We will build entire cities devoted to creative arts, to science and healing, to economy.  Politics will become the art of bringing people together instead of dividing.  All of this and more is the bright future planned for humanity’s immediate future.  If it were not possible, Maitreya says, he would not have returned at this time, earlier than originally scheduled.  Man’s heart is sound, he says, despite outward appearances.  We are gods in kindergarten preparing for graduation into realization of who we really are and our Source: “you stem from the Godhead itself.” (From Maitreya’s Message # 66 (Messages from Maitreya, the Christ. Share International).

To find out details, and ask questions, be sure to visit the Share International booth #64 at the Edge Life Expo in Minneapolis on November 11 and 12 at the Earle Brown Heritage Center. While there, be sure to listen to a talk: The Three Faces of Esotericism at 1PM on Sunday, November 12.

Betsy Whitfill is a volunteer for Share International and a correspondent for Share International magazine.  She may be contacted at: info@share-international.us

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