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Awakened Happiness By Chrism

To be happy is to experience love. To feel loved and to express love for there is no other reason or cause for it to exist. Happiness is a quality of love and its reflection and expression define our relationship to ourselves and our environment and to each other. 

The foundation for all matter is love—for all spirit and for all consciousness and for all physical expression. It is the only expression. All life and all existence are a condition of this happy principle. As we are behind the veil and as the forces of life and the stresses of civilization interrupt our vision, we experience love and happiness through a very limited range. Yet even in our blindness and hardships, love is a beacon that will illuminate our path of joy and happiness, if we will only choose to acknowledge its force and live by its integrity.

Our bodies, down to the cellular and sub-atomic levels, are compact communities of love. Every cell is living this truth when it undergoes its duplication and initiates its function. This joy and goodness permeate our inner ecology and environment. There are approximately 17 trillion cells in the average human body. All are living in agreement with one another, working happily towards the same goal. The goal is crystallized as the gift of a community of life that you are every day and every night. There are many more cells in one human body than in the total population of humanity on this Earth. Cells living in harmony. Living in joyful abandonment of expressive creation, living the integrity of love. As the bladder works with the kidneys, and the lungs work with the heart, the stomach with the intestines, all are working in a distinct and collaborative effort to keep us alive. The gift of life is from love. The feeling of love is happy and exuberant with every cell division that takes place. One need only choose to feel it and know it.

The force that binds our communities of cells into complete and distinct individuals is the grace of love. Strength, courage, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, joy, abundance, honesty, and trust are just some of the beautiful facets of this binding pro-creative spiritual force.

When the Kundalini is activated and awakened this loving happiness is amplified into its amazing, abundant qualities of supreme happiness. Such qualities of happiness stand outside of our veil of typical expression and understanding. An evidence of its amplified connection through the veils of our reality into our physical bodies is its high voltage emotional discharge that is quite beautiful and profound in its experience. This brings a joy that is amplified ten thousand times! Bliss and ecstasy are the divine forms of joy and happiness. We can feel and see suggestions of it everyday in the bloom of a flower or the smile blessing a child's face so pure and honest!

These are the qualities of happiness through love. Surges of love flowing and exploding, encapsulating, and healing extend into every place sacred and dear to us. Our hatreds and shames, judgments and brutalities are no match for this sacred divine essence. It will cleanse and heal our relationships to others and ourselves. It will vivify the divine seed that is within our heart and impregnate our entire being with its divine imperative. You begin to feel very close with God in the most ordinary activities. Divine happiness is a gift of exaltation that merely awaits our call for it to appear into our lives. Even if you have never considered yourself a spiritual person, life begins to take on a completely new focus for you. Happily we give service to others and happily we give of our love, in its myriad forms. We can experience a cacophony of glorious happiness that overwhelms our sorrows and ensures our appreciation. This is the happiness we are striving for. 

Chrism is a California-based spiritual guide who assists people worldwide in the activation and awakening of Kundalini. He is returning to Minnesota, October 28 and 29, 2017, to present his fifth seminar in the upper Midwest, at the AmericInn Hotel & Conference Center, Mankato. For more information, call Rosemary Golias at 651-452-3161, email RosemaryG@usInternet.com or visit KundaliniAwakeningSystems1.com

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