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Shamanic Spirit Energy Medicine – Embracing the Experience By Chee Vue (aka: Master Shaman PaLiChi)


IT WAS THE spring-summer of 2006 about 10 pm and the phone rang.  I was glad I had just finished a deep meditation.  As I picked up the phone it was my mother.  A close relative, Jane, had a horrible stomach ache and they had been trying to calm it down for the last hour or so.  At least that was the length of time that it felt like to them.  Jane explained that the pain felt twisting and deep in her stomach, mid-abdomen to be exact.  When I arrived there, I looked at her condition by observing her face and her hands covering her belly button area.  I then turned and saw that my mom had a worried and frustrated look on her face.  She looked at me and I asked what had happened. “Nothing,” replied my mom.  Then Jane cut-in to reply, “I didn’t eat or drink anything.  It just started to hurt really deeply.”

It was all new to me, so I listened.  I didn’t know what I should do either.  They did give Jane some Western medicine, but the pain just wouldn’t go away.  My mother was a Master Shaman at that time and she should know what to do.  And she did.  It was my turn to utilize my abilities—so, she mentions.  My mom has been of great spiritual guidance to me, even as a child.  Even when I went against her suggestions things always came out to show me she was correct.  I wasn’t perfect either.

I gathered myself together and listened.  “Quiet mind.  Quiet.” I said to myself.  This is my close relative but I must now see her as a human being.  A person who is having pain and needs it relieved.  I told myself, “I can’t break down and hurt with her now.” 


Next thing I knew, my hands were holding my shaman sword up and swirling like I have never touched a shaman sword before.  I was only in my third or fourth month of spiritual training and it felt great! Before I knew it, I was performing something like an exorcism on her.  I saw visions of horrible dark energies attacking her body and her spirits of the soul.  I can’t lie that I wasn’t afraid myself when those visions popped out at me.  However, I kept holding onto the warrior state of mind where I am conscious of these negative type energies and I am not the human part of me, but the higher part of me ready to defeat these horrid “things” that are causing human pain and suffering.  I felt deep surges of energy flow through my body and in again.  

They were defeated.  I flipped up my white cotton veil to see Jane with her eyes barely closing and heavy breathing slowing down and down and down.  I looked at my watch and realized it was about 30 minutes since I got there.  It felt like 10 minutes passed.  Then she said on the verge of her lips, “I feel tired now.” I quickly replied, “Just rest. You look a little better than before.  Are you okay now?”  Then she replied, ”Yeah, it’s kind of gone now.”   

I can still remember the moment I stopped to look at the color of her pale face turning into a slight pink.  I felt a huge relief.  I empathized with her stomach pain and knew I had the key to release the negative energies.  The matter of the fact is not what performed.  It is the belief I had within my heart to be of help and assistance.  It felt good to see her face as a newer color and in my presence, a brighter looking person as she dozed off into a sleep.  

A pure Shamanic or spiritual medicine healing consists of energetic, intuitive and spirit healing methods combined.  Spirit and energy is the make-up of the world we live in.  It is often a good idea to learn about them or seek healing when you become aware that something is off balance.  (You know it, but can’t quite put your finger on it.) Both of these elements affect us and our world daily.  As our total health and wellness depends on containing ourselves with vital energies and a positive way of thinking.  The question is how can you cultivate good energies as a part of your life and shift out old or negative ones when necessary.  

Yes, this would mean a change.  It could very well be a massive change of behavior, communication, or of habits.  In this, how can you turn all that you’ve been used to and have learned, for the most part of our life, into a new way of living?  For some, they may ask the questions, “What is energy and how does it even work.”  Or, “What does working with spirits mean?”  In fact, you may be fearing the change, and have nothing to do with the healing.

Shamanic spirit and energy medicine works to restore balance and zoom in on the root of all causes.  It is the highest form of meditation, intuition, and conscious mind states.  Whether it’s a matter of physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, or person, place, or thing that tangibly or intangibly exists.  It works to deal with everything in and of itself, in parallel form.  It is the Yin and Yang always seeking balance.  

The world we live in was once roamed by those who are of “shaman” race.  Back when human kind had to work with trial and error, yet is intuitively guided to use a system that works universally.  Shamanism-spirit and energy medicine is just that. Sometimes just to survive and other times creating great changes.  Guess what?  That was then but still is true to this day.

In seeking, the person who will receive the best healing and finds what they are looking for is one who is ready to embrace an experience.  This person may not be ready to hear what is coming to them, but is willing to listen and use the information wisely.  Most willing are ones who feel it is a need more than anything else.  That without this experience, this healing, I may not be well.  That is the mentality of the seeker who will get to the root cause at the end of the day.  Then he or she can start a new day.  

It’s not promised that challenges end.  For if it did we may never know more than we sought out to learn.  Isn’t that the part that makes not Shamanistic healing mysterious, but life a mystery.   

Chee Vue is a Master Shamanic Healer, Psychic medium, Speaker, and Teacher of Enlightenment.  She has been studying with ancient ascended masters of the Universe as her guides for the past 11 plus years.  She has worked with individuals, families, and groups to help with matters of all life aspects (financial, health, career/business, relationships).  She also takes calls for healing physical illness (from moderate to chronic types), infertility, to group healings and guidance, to accelerated meditation and provides high level guidance to disciples for shamanic/psychic medium training and spiritual direction.  She is open to take on special requests/projects, soul callings and soul retrievals, personalized retreats/seminars as requested.  Please contact her via email at palichee@gmail.com or text to 763-742-8690 for further information.

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