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Shift Fear to Freedom By Lynne Fredrickson

ON EDGE? DO you lay awake at night processing the news of the day or are you simply trying to cope with the stress in your own life? It’s an understatement to say there is a lot going on in the world not to mention in our own personal lives. Anxiety has become the number one mental health issue in North America. It’s estimated that one-third of the North American adult population experiences anxiety un-wellness issues. If we are experiencing that much mental “un-wellness,” what does that mean for our kids?

When you think about what makes you anxious, what comes to mind? Most people think of an event or person in their life that triggered or continues to trigger their anxiety. While this is likely true, let’s dig a little deeper. What is the root cause of anxiety? 


For most of us, anxiety is caused by a disconnection from our spirit or our spiritual connection. There is an inner relationship we all have between what’s called your Authentic Self and your Conditioned Self. 

Your Authentic Self is who you came into the world to be. It’s your truest self. Your Authentic Self is all of your gifts, your creativity, your joy and your love! The blueprint for your essence and ultimately your life purpose is within your Authentic Self. 

When we are young, typically your parents already have disconnected from their Authentic Self and they are often operating out the fears and false beliefs of the Conditioned Self. In response to that, you begin to develop your own Conditioned Self that is filled with false beliefs and fears. This ends up separating you from who you really are, your Authentic Self. And often the separation was so long ago that you actually can forget who you really are.

Conditioned Self feelings include feelings of fear, self doubt, judgment of yourself or others, worrying about what others think, being negative, feeling “stuck,” using addictions to avoid feelings, feeling muscle tightness or holding your breath. When we are in our Conditioned Self, we are often telling ourselves a lie that is causing us to feel those feelings. 

Authentic Self feelings include loving yourself and others, positive thinking, moving forward, feeling hopeful, feeling relaxed and connected with your spirit and your spiritual connection (whatever that means for you), and being able to breathe deep breaths.


The first step in truly being able to release anxiety is to become more aware of when you are feeling it. Try tracking moment by moment throughout your day when you are in your Conditioned Self and when you are in your Authentic Self using the descriptions of each above. Also track the time and in what situations you are feeling them. Lastly, write down the emotion you are feeling. Are you sad, worried, anxious, depressed or afraid other wise known as those Conditioned Self feelings? Or are you happy, joyful, present, loving if you are in your Authentic Self? Try this for a couple of days and see what you notice. What percent of each day are you in your Authentic Self versus your Conditioned Self?

We came to the world to be our Authentic Self. In order to be of service in the world and experience true joy, we need to share our gifts. So, how do you shift fear to freedom? One way to get to the truth is to ask yourself these questions when you are anxious and in your Conditioned Self. 

  1. What is the false belief or lie of the Conditioned belief?  
  2. How do you act when you believe this false belief?
  3. If this false belief could be permanently erased from your mind, how would you be different?
  4. False beliefs are lies from the Conditioned Self and are not true. They are the exact opposite of the truth. Turn this false belief around to its truth.
  5. Ask your spiritual guidance (spirit, God, my higher power or your own wise internal “knowing”) what is really true. 

As you think about this truth, slowly inhale and exhale deeply five times. Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? If you are feeling Authentic Self feelings, you are complete and your anxiety should be considerably less or eliminated. If you are still feeling Conditioned Self feelings, try to go through and answer the questions again.

These questions are a significantly shortened version of a powerful anxiety releasing method through which I guide my clients. It is also just one of the many ways I teach and support my clients to release their anxiety within 15 minutes experiencing it. With practice, they also experience it less! Whatever method you use, the support of the right coach will hold you accountable to practice and greatly accelerate your results. The more authentic you feel, the closer you are to living your purpose and ultimately experiencing joy!  

Lynne Fredrickson, CWHC, GCHC, CSCS-CPT is a holistic life and wellness coach and Founder of Wellness Concepts, LLC and The Anxiety Detox System.ô 952-314-2353.


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