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Take the pause out of menopause


Take the pause out of menopause


MY JOURNEY THROUGH MENOPAUSE began when I was only 35. It was brought on by a hysterectomy (surgical menopause). After the first six weeks, I was moody, irritable, couldn’t sleep, had hot flashes, soaked sheets from night sweats and anxiety. You name it, I had it! So, off to the doctor I went and received a little pink pill that was supposed to make all of these symptoms go away. It did. But 20 years later all the studies came out about HRT—linking that little pink pill to breast, ovarian, and uterine cancer— which made me take a long, deep look into natural ways to take care of my problems.

Over the last 10 years, I have read about and tried many remedies and have helped many women to find what works for them. Some things are pretty universal when treating menopause like: Drink lots of water, increase your physical activity, reduce stress and the use of household chemicals (switch to natural cleaning products), eat a healthy diet, and have a good base of vitamins and supplements.

I have come to know and trust NOW Products (for the vitamins and supplements) and kinesiology, a quick and easy muscle testing technique that helps you narrow down what your body needs to deal with your symptoms. As every woman’s situation is likely to be different, every woman’s combination of supplements will also vary.

Here is the suggested list of NOW daily vitamins and supplements that I would muscle test women who are over 40 or earlier if they want a jump start on menopause: Special Two Multiple Vitamin w/green super foods and antioxidants is a high potency multiple; Calcium and Magnesium w/Vitamin D and Zinc is to support bone health, help you to sleep and fight off osteoporosis; Omega 3-6-9 are essential fatty acids that are difficult to get in your diet; B-100 is a blend of key B vitamins for energy production and enhanced synergism; Vitamin D helps to maintain strong bones and supports dental health; Vitamin E is a major antioxidant and is particularly important in protecting cells from free radical/oxidative damage; CoQ10 w/Omega 3 fish oil helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

For women in menopause, add the following:

Menopause Support contains recommended potencies of key ingredients that have been shown to support normal hormonal levels during menopause; Female Balance is a woman’s support formula to help balance hormonal issues; Evening Primrose Oil balances the immune response and has been helpful in getting rid of or reducing the intensity of hot flashes; Melatonin helps regulate the sleep cycle and get you back on track, with no side effects; Natural Progesterone Cream helps prevent vaginal dryness thus making intercourse more enjoyable.

What are some of the signs of menopause?

Changing levels of estrogen and progesterone in our bodies can cause a variety of symptoms—34 known at this time. Menopausal symptoms affect about 70 percent to 80 percent of women who are approaching menopause. You may have little or no trouble with hot flashes or other signs of menopause, but are experiencing lots of other changes that no one can seem to explain. Some of these changes have been linked to menopause or peri-menopause.

Many women begin experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause several years before menopause occurs, usually in their 40s to 50s. Women who have had hysterectomies with one or both ovaries removed usually experience immediate surgical menopause.

Common symptoms of menopause

Irregular periods. One of the first signs of menopause is a change in your periods. They may become less regular, spotting, lighter, or heavier.

Hot flashes are common in peri-menopause as well as menopause. You may feel heat in the upper part or all of your body, and your face and neck may become flushed. There are other signs such as red blotches appearing on your chest, back, and arms, heavy sweating and cold shivering all within a few short minutes (30 seconds to five minutes).

Sleeping problems. You might have trouble getting to sleep, waking early, or getting back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night. Feeling tired is another common symptom because you lack REM sleep which is your quality sleep.

Mood changes. Some woman experience changes in mood, become irritable, or depressed during menopause, because of changes in estrogen levels or stress, and lack of sleep.

Vaginal dryness. During menopause, the genital area becomes drier and thinner as estrogen levels change. Sexual intercourse might become painful for you because of this dryness. Using Natural Progesterone cream can help with this problem. It is the age old adage: Use it or loose it!

I believe all woman need to be evaluated to see what they need for their unique symptoms! I offer a holistic kinesiology evaluation to determine what your body needs.

Marjorie Champney, owner of Woodwind Health Spa and Center for Healing and Peaceful Pond Products, has been a healer for 35 years specializing in women’s issues. She has developed custom blends of essential oils and researched the purest products available to help women in menopause as well as many other issues. She recently has created a three-hour workshop called “Taking the Pause out of Menopause” that is offered at Woodwind Health Spa on Nov. 10, 2007. Call 877-362-8902 to bring this workshop to your location.

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