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Master Hong

Owner of Body & Brain Holistic Yoga Tai Chi at Maple Grove

Qi Gong & Tai Chi Trainer

Body & Brain Yoga Instructor

Certified Health Coach

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Physical, Energy, Spiritual Healer

Brain Trainer



763-208-4246 or 914-708-4246

 Master Hong has been helping people release physical pain and emotional and spiritual blocks that are keeping them from living a peaceful and productive life. He has spent most of his life helping people to release blocked energy that has manifested as pain or just feeling "stuck" in life.  His greatest joy is to see someone rise above their pain and trauma to find the true beauty and value of life. His career in healing started in South Korea in 1998, where he studied energy healing, Qi Gong, holistic yoga, and meditation.  His desire to help people brought him to the United States where he opened a yoga, Tai Chi and meditation studio with the intent to help people heal themselves. He has taught Initial Awakening workshop, Finding True Self workshop, Hands-on & Energy healing workshop, and Brain Development workshop, and more. 

 Private Sessions 

Emotion Code Healing: an energy healing technic that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions which are harmful emotional energies from negative past negative events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety and can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others


Physical Healing: involves acupressure massage to help release tension from the body and relieve pain, and facilitates awakening of the senses and increase body awareness


Energy Healing: involves healing touch as well as acupressure massage to deeply relax and energize the body and refresh the mind. Also balances and purifies the energies within the body, helping to restore the body to its natural, healthy state


Spiritual Healing: involves guidance and counseling along with energy healing to address health problems at their fundamental root – our habit and mind. Learn how to become aware of – and eventually break free from – old, self-limiting habits and life-patterns, and live with greater health and well-being.

 Classes & Workshops 

Master Hong teaches regular classes and workshops on:

  • Holistic Yoga & Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Breath Work
  • Initial Awakening Workshop
  • Finding True Self Workshop
  • Healing Course
  • Power Brain Workshop
  • Qi Gong & Tai Chi Workshop 

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