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Cindi McGrath ~ Author, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Life Coach, and more!




Cindi McGrath ~ Author, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Life Coach, and more! ICF Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Mind Psychic Mastery International graduate and continuing her studies in the Intuitive Mind Advanced Psychic Mastery Program, USSA and USAT Certified Athletic Coach are just a few of Cindi’s gifts ~ Cindi is an ordinary person leading an extraordinary life! Blending mind, body, and spirit into every aspect of her work and life, Cindi works tirelessly to normalize Intuitive Work, Energy Healing, Psychic Reading, and Telepathic Communication, sharing her gifts and her seemingly endless energy with everyone she meets. Visit www.CindiMcGrath.org for more information and to order books, schedule sessions, or invite Cindi to speak to your groups and communities. Cindi can be reached via email at CindiMarieMcGrath@gmail.com or by phone at (715)558-2452



Healing Ellie Healing Me ~ A True Story    Published in early 2017, Healing Ellie Healing Me is a story of profound transformation and healing. Ellie, abused and tortured before being cast aside as a not-quite-four-month-old puppy; this is the true story of her journey from a distrustful and traumatized puppy to a healthy, happy, 120-pound lap dog. That Ellie found the one person – the only personwho could save her, was destiny. Author, animal communicator, and intuitive healer; Cindi heard Ellie’s plea, ‘Why was I unlovable to them? Help me. YOU show me how to heal. I don’t know another way. I don’t want to be a bad dog.’ You won’t put this book down once you’ve met Ellie where her journey toward healing began; in a ditch alongside a lonely road on a cold October evening. Order your signed copies at www.Inspire-Ink.com or www.CindiMcGrath.org  Also available on Amazon in paperback or KindleEdition

Awaken! Haiku and Extended Haiku   A collection of Cindi’s inspirational work which includes two books in one: Spirit Pack and Spirit Surrounded. Cindi describes her poetic gift, 

“I think in Haiku. 

There’s no effort, just happens. 

Like the sun rising.” 

Order your signed copies at www.Inspire-Ink.com or www.CindiMcGrath.org  

 Animal Communication    

Is your dog, cat, horse, or another animal in your life trying to tell you something? Is their behavior curious to you, or seem out of balance? Is one of your animals ill or struggling in some way? I will connect with your pet, in person or from a distance, and have a conversation with them. I hear them, and am then able to share with you what they have shared with me. I will also connect with your animals to view their energy field, discovering and repairing imbalances, reading energy layers and Chakras, offering balance, support, and, where appropriate, healing to your beloved pets. Visit www.CindiMcGrath.org to schedule an Animal Intuitive Session  

       From Nancy Rebecca, R.N., Clairvoyant, Founder Intuitive Mind Program “We have had the honor of having Cindi McGrath as one of our students, and she has shared so many insights about animals. A powerful animal communicator and healer.” 

From a client in Washington state: “My dog Enzo was scheduled for a knee surgery and long recuperation process. I reached out to Cindi to communicate with him so he would understand what was happening and why he would be confined and inactive for so long. Cindi was wonderful. In communicating with Enzo and asking me some questions about his injury and what was going on with him, she helped me realize I had grave concerns about having the surgery without first trying to heal him through less invasive methods.  Cindi has been working with Enzo doing healing meditations from afar. She helped lead me to try some alternative therapies and supplements, and along with her healing work he is getting better without the surgery. She checks in with him periodically during this healing time and give me feedback from him on how he feels, if he is in pain or discomfort, and communicate to him why he has to take it easy while he heals. Cindi has helped Enzo AND has helped me! She helped me give myself permission to question the conventional method pushed by the vets. I feel very confident that I am on the right path for my beloved best friend, and I owe that feeling to Cindi and her work. Shelly Fulton and Enzo 

 Mind Body Spirit in Balance: Energy Readings and Healing

As a graduate of the Psychic Mastery International Program offered by Intuitive Mind located in Tacoma, WA, Cindi has the tools and credentials to offer professional and precise readings of the energy body. Cindi is skilled in spirit to spirit communication offering you powerful insights into your life from a spiritual perspective, as well as bringing areas of disharmony into balance. Cindi’s work includes both physical body and energy body healing, intuitive readings of the energy field, past life reading and healing, and much more. Visit www.CindiMcGrath.org to schedule your reading and healing work today!  


 Life Coaching

ICF Certified Wellness Life Coach, Cindi brings her intuitive gifts into the practical realm guiding you, serving you as a Life Coach and assisting you on your path and in finding your own answers. Individual consultations and packages are available. Visit www.CindiMcGrath.org for more information. 


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