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What is Animal Communication?

Communicating intuitively with animals means mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images, and emotions. In this kind of communication you do not read body language or make guesses based on behavior. Most animal communicators work from a distance using just a description and do not even see a picture of the animal.    
Animals are masters at intuitive communication. They talk to each other intuitively and are able to intuitively 'sense' people and the environment very well. (Take heed if your otherwise pleasant dog suddenly displays an intense dislike for a stranger.) In humans, on the other hand, intuitive ability has been suppressed and repressed by our modern cultures. We still use it - for example, to scope out a strange person or new situation - but our intuition is usually unconscious and uncontrolled.
Intuition is not gift possessed by a few special people. Everyone is intuitive and can learn to communicate intuitively. If you love animals, then on some level you are already doing this. With study and practice you can learn to do it very well.

Cindi McGrath

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