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Essential Wellness is your home for Healthy Living, Healing, Spirituality, Natural Health and more!

Essential Wellness Online, plus our digital magazine and e-newsletters, is a marketplace for folks seeking wellness in their lives. Essential Wellness offers resources, education, and information for healthy living on all levels.

Essential Wellness publishes education and information about natural health and healing, spirituality and sacred practices, wellness and related fields. Our mission is to disseminate holistic information about living well—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually—and to provide an arena for holistic practitioners and natural health providers to advertise their services and products to a global marketplace. 

Essential Wellness Founders & Owners
Twin Cities Wellness, originally a print newspaper, was founded by Dee LaFroth and Lynn LaFroth, sisters and business partners, in 1995. This monthly publication evolved to reach a larger regional audience and thus changed its name to Essential Wellness magazine in 2005.

Essential Wellness became fully digital March 2011, ceasing its print edition in Feb. 2011. Refer to right sidebar for the other services Essential Wellness offers.

Essential Wellness Magazine: our digital publication is sent out quarterly to our email list with articles for natural health and healing, holistic therapies, spirituality and healthy living.

Essential Wellness Online: our website features current and past articles about a variety of holistic topics such as living with nature and being green, organic gardening, spiritual retreats, wellness centers, and more.

Advertising: Click onto advertising menu on top bar; provides opportunities for providers to advertise their services and connect with the community.

Our intent is to continue to create community through the shared interest of health and healing, spirituality, and healthy living.

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Dee and Lynn LaFroth live in northwest Wisconsin. Dee: 715.259.3047.
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4270 Honey Tree Pass, Danbury, WI 54830

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